Has your child been refused admission into a school of your choice?  

  • Why not contact Zaq Patel, who has 25+ years’ experience of supporting parents and schools in dealing with a range of complex educational matters such as:

    • • School admissions and appeal

      • School exclusion

      • Special educational needs

      • Holidays during term time

      • Behaviour and discipline

      • School uniform and school transport

    “Our team is a group of highly qualified, motivated  and competent professionals with an enormous experience in their field.”

    When parents are refused admission to a school of their choice they have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel. Zaq Patel who has over 25 years experience of working in local government can help parents to navigate through this complex and stressful process. Zaq Patel can also support parents whose children have special educational needs, children excluded from schools or other education related issues affecting their children. Contact Zaq by email or phone to find out more information.